Measurment of funding:Qualiform is a project funded by the PSR Basilicata 2007-2013,Mis.124
Fund: Restructuring of the dairy sector
Geographical scope of action: area D1 of the Basilicata Region “ Agricultural area with the most advanced organizational models”, Agro-food of the Vulture District



  • Agricultural Farms: Masserie Saraceno, Atella and Azienda Bochicchio Rocco, Filiano
  • Milk Dairies: FATTORIE DONNA GIULIA S.r.l., Atella
  • Research Institutes: Scuola di Scienze Agrarie, Forestali,Alimentari ed Ambientali, Università degli Studi della Basilicata; Consiglio per la Ricerca e sperimentazione in Agricoltura CREA,Bella; Istituto di Scienze dell’Alimentazione – CNR – Avellino.


QUALIFORM is the unequivocal expression of a project that has seen real cooperation between economic entities within the region participating in produtive agribusinesses and agri-food and the world of research partners and of dissemination.

A path that had, as a major goal, that to improve the quality, environmental sustainability and the added value for traditional dairy products of Basilicata, through interventions designed towards animal welfare, the improvement of dairy production processes and starter culture systems for the production of pasta filata cheeses, the logistics of distribution, and the use of innovative technologies in the design and realization for dairy plants.

The primary manufacturing companies involved in QUALIFORM fall within the Vulture District of Agro-food , suited to dairy farming and milk processing.

And it is in the Vulture area where you can find Fattorie Donna Giulia, which is the cradle of the birth of the new dairy delicacies.


Fattorie Donna Giulia has been operating for several years in the production of high quality milk and probiotic yogurt ,milk that comes exclusively from: Masserie Saraceno in Atella and Azienda Agro-zootecnica Bochicchio in Filiano, where they breed, in full compliance respecting hygiene standards and animal welfare, cows that produce raw milk in High Quality certificated underthe Ministeriale Decree 185.

Great efforts have been devoted to the implementation of an advanced system of traceability from the fields where they produce the fodder to feed the livestock to the sale points.

Everything to ensure daily milk and yogurt made with healthy raw material, all of Lucana origin.

Fattorie Donna Giulia entered the project Qualiform with the same seriousness and the same commitment as always, to work with their support, through the know-how acquired over many years of experience and of the already existing premises, transferring product innovations and process in order to enhance the production of Lucan dairy highly representative of typical regional food.

Alongside the farms of primary production and dairy processing research partners collaborated such as:

  • The University of Basilicata that, through the former Dispa conducted a study on the improvement of animal welfare conditions, with the cooperation of the former Department of Biology, Defense and Biotechnology Agro-Forestry conducted a research on aspects of milk in order to determine a typical starter and finally with the Agrarian Mechanics group it has developed all aspects related to the innovation of mechanization of pasta filata products.
  • The CREA (Research Unit for Livestock Extensive) Bella has instead focused its research on the study of farming systems and the quality of the productions, essentially, about the issues concerning the role of the different types of farming (intensive – extensive) and the different breeds (Frisona-Jersey).

It has also deepened the aspects of the aromatic and nutritional quality of milk and cheese, taking care of the experimental work and providing support (dairy, laboratory analysis, etc.) to the activities of other units.

  • ISA – CNR Avellino (Institute of Food Science) has supported the project through its Research Group, an expert in the field of food science and nutrition in Southern Italy through supporting actions on the development of the primary starter, and additional probiotics for fresh pasta filata and aged cheese and also developing new systems of bio-preservation and packaging of Mozzarella.

In DONNA GIULIA’s future …. there is the BIO!


Every day our commitment aims to achieve new breakthroughs in innovation and sustainable development in order to develop new products, starting from an analysis of consumer needs, from respect for the animal and its welfare and by love for the environment.

That’s why we’re looking ahead, in the very near future we are already working on the transformation of our milk chain even in the organic sector.

We are already working on the project of a new barn where the animals will have more space, freedom of movement and free access to pasture.