Surrounded by nature


Traceability... always


We love what we do, we preserve it
and hand it down from generation to generation.

Fattorie Donna Giulia is a Dairy Farm 100% Lucana, in the northern area of the Basilicata Region, naturally suited to obtain high agricultural quality.
Fattorie Donna Giulia is LOCATED in a region full of green and it is positioned between two rivers and uncontaminated hectares of forest.
Owned lands are CULTIVATED in order to obtain high quality forages, that become the daily ration for our animals: heathy and balanced.
BRENDING is done with love and respect for the cows that are born on our farm and they are milked by us.
We WORK ALL TOGETHER with a faithful and capable staff, on our Dairy Centrale del latte, the island of taste and delicacy, where man and nature live together amazingly with high quality technologies.
Our Dairy production chain TRANSFORMS and bottles expertly raw materials just milked, in environments that comply with the stanard hygiene and productive codes dictated by regulations.


Our milk is a perfect alchemy of healthy animals, fodder,
respect for the environment and for traditions.


The secret of our authenticity is that a paste of only milk curds and salt is MODELLED in order to guarantee our customers high quality of our products: mozzarella ( knots and braids), burrata, stracciatella, ricotta and scamorza cheese, butter, whip cream and yoghurt. These our are masterpieces that have led us to deserve trust fom our customers.
Fattorie Donna Giulia directly CONTROLS the entire production process starting from the raw milk all the way up to the bottling of the milk and packaging of the product .
We LIVE and work for our Dairy Farm with respect, years of experience and knowledge, dedication and passion.
Our Dairy Farm COLLABORATES actively in the development of the territory by supporting local projects and regional partnerships, schools and associations.
It is called the SHORT MILK CHAIN…in Basilicata Fattorie Donna Giulia is the only Dairy Company able to open and close every day in order to guarantee customers fresh high quality milk and dairy products.

FATTORIE DONNA GIULIA…for us the quality is central.