The Vulture is a land north of Basilicata.
It is a volcanic land full of stories and traditions.
It is a land with the most varied landscapes; from seas to lakes to mountains to reach clear and clear natural water springs.
It is a land where good food is married to the goodness of good wine.
It is a land of gastronomic, equestrian, religious, adventure, outdoor and leisure and relax tourism.
It was the land of poets and statists, brigands and emperors.
It is a land of traditions, a land that still enjoys the echoes of the poet Orazio and the conquests of the Southern Italian Giustino Fortunato.
But it is above all a land of traditions cleverly and jealously preserved and conjugated today to the most modern technologies.
It is the land where our cows are born, raised and brought to life.

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100% high quality milk directly from Fattorie Donna Giulia

Fattorie Donna Giulia directly controls all stages, from production of the raw materials to the distribution of the finished product to the sales points.

Our milk comes from hereā€¦