Art works in milk and dairy products


Milk and the community
A generous vocation connected to Basilicata

“A fine meal without cheese is like a beautiful woman without an eye.” (Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)


The dairy, built according to a layout in harmony with the surrounding land and opened in November 2015, after a research and training project with the UNIBAS, the National Research Council and the CRA, is on one level floor where you can find all the areas necessary for the Milk Supply Chain: the reception area, storage milk, CIP washing area, processing and packaging milk and yogurt, processed milk production area, area to the preparation, packaging and finally storage in the fridge cells. Adjacent is the area intendefor the laboratory analysis / Quality.

The help of modern process plants and the strong investment on the innovative air-conditioning system of the plant, in synergy with the established traditional nature of production, help to improve day by day the quality of our processed cheese.

Our role as cheesemakers and artisans is to mantain as much as possible the cheese faithful to the nature of the milk that it comes from.

We respect nature and invite you to discover the different sensations and flavours that arise from a simple product like milk.

In raw milk, from which we make our processed products, we keep intact its nutritional properties and maintain the natural enzymes useful for our body, which will not have to be added artificially.

Our milk conceals resources and flavours that are poured into the cheese we produce, without losing the originality of fresh quality milking offered in every season.

The milk left to mature slowly from the morning milking, with only curd and salt, becomes stretched curd in the late afternoon and then cleverly worked by our cheesemakers.


Maturing of the cheese is the waiting process of maturation of the cheese product; it adds and brings new textures and focuses more typical aromas of each cheese.

Here Donna Giulia is a real art, which requires in-depth product knowledge and extensive experience and expertise on the use of traditional techniques married to sustainable technologies that use.

The seasoning of our cheeses takes place in suitable premises, with constant temperature and humidity controlled and, on wooden boards of laminated beech.

The maturing period ranges from 60 days to 8 months.

In our company people work to get milk and cheeses from the best quality every day on your table. There is a veritable chain of production , packaging and marketing that are worth watching closely and the desire to introduce you to our Fattorie Donna Giulia, to learn more about what we eat. Children,teenagers and adults can visit to find out all about the properties of milk and taste our products.

We have a very specific goal: to give an identity to our territory through the production of high quality milk and dairy products.

Today the precious milk from Masserie Saraceno and Azienda Bochicchio, has returned to create the virtuous cycle that make product unique born in the milk supply chain.

All this in a perspective of respect for raw materials and for the lucania tradition.

Over the years the goal of Donna Giulia Farms has always been to pursue the objective of high quality in all areas.

Milk quality
The quality of milk is measured … before it is milked.

It is not possible to produce good milk if first you do not provide a regular and healthy diet to the cows, and by offering the best environmental conditions necessary to ensure a high level of animal welfare.

Quality of products
Quality is possible through the constant evolution of typical production processes of the dairy tradition in Basilicata and the coordination between the academic world and the country that lives on a daily basis its own history in search for a proper sustainable development and technologically correct.

From the moment milking begins and throughout its entire transformation, the milk must keep as intact as possible its bio nutritional characteristics, enriching them even during the cheese-making process through the development of bacteria that regularly determines the different textures and flavours of various cheeses.

All activities are followed within the laboratory, by people who, thanks to their professionalism and experience and deep knowledge of the entire production line on a daily basis daily verify that all the necessary conditions are respected to ensure the genuineness and wholesomeness of all products.

Quality Service
Being able to offer a total quality to those who buy our products thanks to the sensibility that comes from awareness, but above all by the desire of being a proveder and user.

The verification of the correct implementation of all activities is continuously monitored by institutions and regulatory bodies that regularly make the necessary checks to the qualification of the product, the production and structure of the quality system.

Values ​​and Ethics Code
The agriculture and livestock represent for us the expression of the values ​​of cohesion, justice and love for life.

Respect for the environment and enhancement of our territory is a paradigm that we combine in a perfect day!

As a profession we have chosen to cultivate the land, care for the welfare of cows in the herd, to bottle fresh milk, make dairy products good and safe for the health of the consumer and to get them on our children’s tables, our friends ,and lovers of blancmange.

The countryside is for us living space and business. Working in the food district of the Vulture is a source of joy.


di D. e M. Società Agricola
(Atella – PZ)
(Filiano – PZ)

Our choices towards sustainability

Environmental Sustainability: the company, is closely connected with the community so reducing energy usage, gas emissions and mineral emissions and investing in sustainable innovations to protect the environment is very important.

Diversification of farm income: thanks to the new biogas plant, the company has diversified sources of income, selling energy to the grid.

Transformation of “waste” into a resource for the company: this is possible thanks to the realization of the new anaerobic digestion plant of animal waste for the production of electrical energy.