The quality of our milk starts from our land


The only short chain in Basilicata ... ours!


Our chain has a green mind


We look at the future costantly increasing production without forgetting the values, traditions and the experiences that have brought us to this point!


The quality of our milk comes from the our lands!

Our Milk Production Chain, starts from the soil, a land that is of volcanic origin, and therefore rich in minerals and nutrients for the cultivation of our forage.

In autumn, spring and summer after fertilizing the soil with manure from our cows and leaving it to rest, we sow and cultivate…

As a result we let the fodder grow at a natural pace, without genetically modified seeds and without the use of herbicides, nor nor dissecting, nor using chemical fertilizers and once it reaches the correct height or the rigght ripeness we collect it and store it.

It comes in the form of a daily ration, twice a day, to our calves that will grow with a natural biological rhythm and they will become healthy and strong heifers ready to give life to its calf.

It is not a surprise that one of the commandments for livestocking is: “In order to have good milk you must breed good cows and the cows are good when you know where they were born and where they were bred.”

In our Centrale del latte all this does happen.


Animal welfare is important in order to obtain high quality products..


In the stables of Masserie Saraceno and Azienda Bochicchio the cows recieve regular veterinary medical care, including periodic check- ups and prompt treatment and when possible our calves are born in a natural way.

The nature of the Vulture area is a cradle for our animlas, fresh clean air and pure water, fertile lands and all the love it takes to make them grow healthy and beautiful. The cows are milked two times a day by experienced staff workers. Milking is a process of our Milk Chain that we manage in a highly professional way. From the stimulation of the breast before attaching them to machinery, the disinfection of the teats in post-milking all the way through to the proper use of the milking machine, each phase must be managed in the right way in order to have healthy animals and good milk quality.

All this to guarantee one simple thing: high quality milk.

High quality means knowing how to balance proteins, fibers and substances in order to get good milk.


For us the short milk chain means linking the territory to its own products and productions.


Raw milk arrives freshly and directly to the Dairy Plant from our cows that are located just steps away in the breeding and milking barns. When the milk arrives it is refrigerated in special tanks and then,it is rigorously analyzed in our laboratory for Quality control. Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern and advanced technologies in order to allow us to control in a very strict way the entire production process, from the initial phase when the raw milk arrives to the finished packaging of the product.

Completed this phase storage, cooling and filtering occurs.

  1. The bottling of High Quality raw milk and its distrubution
    The packaging operations of the product are preformed by a bottling line model…the bottles are placed in boxes then they are placed in a cold storage ready to be loaded on vehicles used for daily delivery.At the end of each processing stage, we proceed in washing the machinery, the equipment and product transport lines, all this combined to the high quality of raw milk means obtaining a final product in which organoleptic qualities are guaranteed and the composition of the characteristics of the product are safeguared.All the activities of the milk chain are carried out in full compliance with the latest European regulations commonly denominated “Hygiene Package”.
  2. Dairy processing…it is a scrupulous process following rules that respect traditions.
    Milk is left to mature slowly and only a natural rennet is added. After following the rules of aging according to tradition the pasta obtained is ready to be shaped.The expert hands of our cheese makers combined with the most advanced technological systems and rigorous controls are the key to ensuring an excellent dairy product.In order to achieve all this we combine our knowledge to the wise knowledge of regional and local authorities who research and study how to improve the traditions of making dairy products without damging nature.
  3. Sustainabilty in the Dairy Plant
    All with a careful and prudent environmental sustainability policy that sees the manure of animals for production of clean energy through the use of modern plant digester systems.This is the end of our milk path… and it ends with a definite paradigm.It is the paradigm of the green economy that recgnoizes values such as respect for local traditions, character and authenticity, as well as the respect for environment and social sustainability.This way of underdstanding economy is a unique opportunity to play a game where not only is it important to have excellent technologies but also the abilty to look back and enhance historical traditions and the legacy with the territories.This is our short controlled dairy plant. Please come and visit us.