Social commitment towards children

Fattorie Donna Giulia has always opened its doors to students to show them a reality of tradition, passion, goodness and freshness applied to a constant search for what is good and healthy.

A fun and educational morning to discover the productive milk chain.

Over 3,000 students of elementary, middle and high schools have already followed the path of fresh milk from the farm to the cup, the characteristics of the product and the guarantees offered by an establishment of cutting-edge bottling.

We will be glad to take the students on a guided tour of the milk oasis and answer all their questions and curiosity.

But we are also by the side of young athletes who combine healthy living habits with eating healthy food.

And finally we feed the minds through the game “Gioca Giulietta” that leads us, through a simple collection of bottlecaps of our products, in order to donate books to school libraries for students.

We are setting up the project of the Human Milk Bank, where we would like to donate in three hospitals in the Basilicata region (A: O San Carlo di Potenza – Ospedale Santa Maria delle Grazie of Matera and Ospedale Lagonegro) a room where you it is possible to donate safely human milk, under the supervision of experts in the treatment of milk for the benefit of premature babies.

And we want to do even more … suggest us something that allows us to become a part of your world.


For information and reservations on the visits,
call us at 0972 715055 or send a fax to 0972 715055